Thank you to everyone who made the Turbo Views:
Volume 5 PRE-ORDER campaign a huge success!
The orders have now closed.

While the Turbo Views DVDs are no longer available
a small quantity of Volumes will be
available for those who have ordered previously
and have incomplete sets. Feel free to reach out
about ordering random volumes
(or V5 with the Collector's Box) for your set:

Thank you!
Chris Bucci

And, that's a wrap! After twelve years ...

...Turbo Views officially came to a close.

In Turbo Views: Volume 5 on DVD we celebrate this
accomplishment with the final 35 episodes along
with extra import reviews, a Disc load of extra
features, a special DVD Collector's Box and more!

Check out the full cover below to read about what's
included with this 4-Disc set and see a mock-up
of the Collector's Box design. Plus, PLEASE WATCH
the video for a Q&A about Pre-Orders before you
move on (all ordering information is below).

You can pre-order Volume 5 by itself, with the
collector's box or get the FULL box set
(including all FIVE Volumes in the collector's box).

To pre-order* send payment based on the
chart below to my PayPal:

The price breakdown for all regions, in U.S. Dollars:

    U.S. Volume 5
    $21.00 + $6.50 (for s&h) = $27.50

    U.S. Volume 5 w/ Coll. Box
     $34.50 + $7.50 (for s&h) = $42.00

    U.S. Complete Box Set
     $68.00 + $21.00 (for s&h) = $89.00

    CAN Volume 5
     $21.00 + $15.50 (for s&h) = $36.50

    CAN Volume 5 w/ Coll. Box
     $34.50 + $24.50 (for s&h) = $59.00

    CAN Complete Box Set
     $68.00 + $37.00 (for s&h) = $105.00

     $21.00 + $20.50 (for s&h) = $41.50

     $34.50 + $32.50 (for s&h) = $67.00

     $68.00 + $52.00 (for s&h) = $120.00

Based on the cost breakdown above, to
pre-order simply send the total (the number
after the = sign) to my PayPal account: .

You can easily copy/paste the e-mail above
and send it that way. Each pre-ordered set
will be numbered out of the total received.
You will receive a receipt from PayPal and I
will also send you an official e-mail within
24 hours confirming your pre-order spot.

- Discs are region free
- Duplicated on -R for the highest quality.

*Pre-orders run until May 24th with an estimated delivery of mid-June 2022!

PLEASE NOTE: If you would rather have an
official PayPal invoice sent with a total, reach
out to me at the same e-mail address with
this request and I will gladly provide it.

Also reach out to me if you want multiples of
any above (I will combine shipping and send
you a total), if you don't use PayPal and want
to do payment via check or money order,
if you want to order random Volume numbers
that you may have missed, or if you have any
other questions ... I'll be glad to help out!

PLEASE NOTE NOTE: If you would like your
copy signed, reach out to me at the e-mail
above after you order with your request! :)

Thanks again for your interest! It has been a
fun journey and I look forward to getting this
final entry into your hands.

(*Other Volumes available individually
- e-mail me with any wants)

Any questions?