Hi! I'm Chris Bucci. TurboGrafx fan, collector and
retro-gaming nut.

And...welcome to Turbo Views.


Turbo Views is an online / ongoing retro-gaming
review series focusing on the U.S. TurboGrafx-16
video-game system
(with the eventual goal
of reviewing all of the official released games).

But, you already knew this.
So, I guess the next question is, why was
the series created?

In a way it all started back in
mid-1991 when yours truly
purchased his own TurboGrafx-16
system. Being a hardcore gamer, both
in arcades and with home-consoles,
I was looking for something new and
fresh to enhance my gaming addiction.
At the time I was very "Nintendo dedicated"
owning both the NES and Gameboy exclusively and
had yet to make the next upgraded plunge.

Well, long story short, the TurboGrafx (and
eventually the CD-ROM add-on) became a part of
my videogame pastime. In fact, through bargain
bins and numerous sales, I eventually acquired
over 80 different titles. While I eventually moved
on to other platforms, the TurboGrafx has remained
my favorite nostalgic system.

For more information, make sure to check out
the "Extra Vids" on this site.

In 2003 I found the last game to complete my
American TurboGrafx collection (which equals just
a tiny bit under 140 titles). To share my
enthusiasm with the system, I wanted to create
something online. The TurboGrafx had very little
presence and not very much recognition there.
I wanted to change that.

In December 2008 Turbo Views began. Today,
the reviews continue along with PC-Engine import
reviews, system close-ups and more. With the
release of Turbo Views on DVD, the process began
of eventually cataloging them all.

I want to thank the fans and friends I have met as
a result of doing these videos. You guys are the
best and one of the reasons I have so much
enthusiasm about it. If you're new here, make
sure to subscribe at YouTube
and join me for the "reviewing them all ride."


Chris Bucci

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