"White Rose Gameroom Show"

Here are some pictures from my trip to the White Rose Gameroom Show in York, PA (held on October 31 and November 1, 2003). You can view them via the thumbnails or watch them one-by-one as a slide show. Below the thumbnails is a short review I posted on the rec.games.pinball newsgroup. Find out more about this show at www.theyorkshow.com.





Posted: rec.games.pinball / November 2, 2003


Well........another year has come and gone. This particular White Rose Gameroom Show was especially anticipated by me for a few reasons. I had been "laid-up" for months at the beginning of this year and the fact I can walk at all makes me happy. The York trip would be my first vacation in a long time. The show last year was an absolute blast. And, I was bringing a game to share.

What can I say? I had a great time. Were there some negatives in comparison to last year? Yes. Did I get my twenty bucks worth of "free games", vendors and new friendships within the first couple of hours? You bet!!

I got a chance to play many games I had not played for years. Some I never saw before. Including Gene's beautiful Central Park, Dan's great Road Show, Dr. Who, Jackbot, Royal Guard, Stern's Playboy and many others. Thanks to everyone for bringing them along. Although there were 1/2 the number compared to last year, I still found enough to do and had a great time.

I want to thank a few people. First off, thanks to Eric and Marlin for putting on a great show. I know how it can be difficult (especially when games are promised and don't show and there is nothing you can do about it). So, I want to thank them for spending the time!

Secondly, thanks to Pat Gallagher for picking up and delivering my Taxi game to the show. I appreciate his time and for agreeing to do this for me. He's a great guy! I can't believe he didn't sell that Royal Flush. It was a beut!

Thirdly, thanks to everyone I met this year either through the newsgroup or discussions about Taxi. It was great getting to meet a lot of you. Last year I went more as a loner. This time, I made a lot of new friends.

Thanks to the WV Pinball group for taking Jamie and I in as if we had been friends for life. All of you were great to hang with. In fact, the gang invited us to dinner after the show Saturday. Cheesecake at the Diner was awesome. Speaking of Diners, I still have to wrestle Jim Winter for his home-use-only "Diner" specimen to go along with Taxi. Hmmm.........

Thanks to Jim and the folks who got the rec.games.pinball "get-together" off the ground. It was a blast and I met a lot of great people (including Chris Moats, Paul Lanciotti, and many others).

Finally, thanks to everyone for their kind words on Taxi. It was a labor of love on this end to shine that puppy up. It's a very nostalgic and important game to me. Getting a chance to share it with everyone was a treat and I met a lot of great people as a result. Thanks a bunch!! Just for information's sake, Taxi had almost 300 plays on it before being packed away (setup for 6 1/2 hours Friday and 8 hours Saturday). Although, I would swear the game was played twice that much. I found myself baby-sitting Taxi throughout the whole show. I kept walking by, seeing who was playing, and trying to meet new people. Uh oh....finger print on the glass!!! Grab the Windex!

I enjoyed myself and look forward to '04!




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