"Pinball Wizards Convention"


Here are some pictures from my first ever trip to the Pinball Wizards Convention in Allentown, PA (held from April 29 - May 1, 2005). You can view them via the thumbnails or watch them one-by-one as a slide show. Below the thumbnails is a short review.
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I always wanted to attend the Pinball Wizards Convention in Allentown, PA. However, I always had some kind of commitment at the end of April or early May when it took place. Therefore, I was never able to make it..........until now!

I was able to attend, along with my girlfriend Jamie, on Saturday and Sunday. It was a great time. My congrats to the organizers and people who made it possible. The building was excellent and housed all the games and people well (something I heard was a problem in the past). The flea-market was fun to walk around. The amount of "working" games was very nice. The vendors inside were in abudance. Although I didn't attend any seminars, they also seemed to go well. Excellent job gang!

I was able to meet some new pinhead friends at this particular event. Folks like Chris (Silverunicorn) who hooked me up with a "3" for my BK2K topper. Kick ass dude. Also met a few other great guys like Jefff (thecreature), Jeff from Classic Arcades, Steve and Gloria Young from the Pinball Resource, and many more. Not to mention some old faces as well!

Highlights "game-wise" for me were some first time cracks at Pinball Magic (Capcom), King Kong and Aaron Spelling prototype games and a System-11 Williams' Radical!. Games that also stood out were a sweet F14 Tomcat, a brand-new Sopranos, a beautiful Simpsons Pinball Party, Big Guns, Bad Cats, a couple cleared and restored Funhouses (both not for play), and more.

Overall it was a great time and worth the money. Thanks gang for putting it on!





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